Decentralized Clinical Trials

There is no place like home.

Our technologies revolutionize the conduct of clinical trials by enabling patients to take part in clinical studies from the comfort of their homes.

Why DCT?

Clinical trial accounts for 60% of drug development costs
80% of the trial patients live more than 2 hours from study sites
Recruitment and retention of patients in the study rise when less hospital traveling is required

Our solution

Enrollment (eConsent)
Virtual Visits (Telemedicine)
Direct to-patient supplies
Home-based measurements
Data collection & monitoring

Our advantages


One size doesn’t fit all. Our platform is highly configurable to suit your specific trial needs.

Patient centric

Our easy-to-use patient app allows the access of study information at anytime, from anywhere.

Site & sponsor friendly

Our intuitive site and sponsor portals make the entry of study data and patient monitoring a breeze.

Quality & Compliance

Our system is fully compliant with GCP, HIPAA GDPR, and the cybersecurity standards.

Technically advanced

We provide fully integrated digital health technologies to allow home-based measurements by patients.

DCT Consultation

We support your protocol design for the decentralized studies with our extensive experience.


We are a multi-disciplinary team with more than 30 years of combined experience in Pharma and Life Science industries.

Our in-depth knowledge in the operation of global clinical trials and the development of digital health technologies leads to the creation of an unparalleled, fit-for-purpose platform to decentralize clinical studies.


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